We are MAMAS: a Chicago-based feminist of color reproductive justice collective, unapologetically confronting and dismantling systems of state violence -  including prisons, war, colonization, imperialism, and migrant injustices. We build power among mother-survivors of state violence, developing mutual care and aid while nurturing resistance and working, in coalition, towards a world rooted in radical justice and love.

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"Mothering has always been a radical act; it is the backbone of our movements, the womb of our dreams, and the hand that rocks the cradle of our future."
Revolutionary Mothering
Love on the Front Lines

Our most active collective, “Mothers of The Kidnapped,” campaigns to free their children who are incarcerated as a result of police violence, torture, and frame-ups, while healing and organizing together.

MAMAS resisting, redefining, reigniting, and revolutionizing the path forward.

By “mamas,” we mean biological and non-biological mothers and caregivers. Black and Brown mamas laboring on the frontlines of families and communities targeted by state violence are among the most powerful forces of social change, and their voices and knowledge must be integrated into social movements, media debates, and policy processes around prison abolition, migrant justice, and the decolonization of indigenous lands if we are to survive these systems and grow the kinds of connections and alternatives needed to build a just and loving society.

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