Christina Borizov was raised in Little Village, Chicago, in an intergenerational household that included her grandparents, parents & brother, plus her aunt, uncle and cousins.  She has fond memories of celebrations and open houses for family and friends to stop by for refreshments and community.  After graduating high school in Berwyn, Christina was married, and continued to be in close-knit community with family.  She and her husband lived near Midway with her mother-in law, who helped raise their 2 sons so that Christina and her husband could work and go to school. Christina worked for the University of IL for 30 years, and is passionate about helping others- including friends, family, and incarcerated people- with whatever they need.

Christina has been fighting for her wrongfully incarcerated son, Johnny Borizov, for nearly 15 years. Johnny is currently in critical medical condition and may be nearing the end of his life, due to medical neglect in Stateville Correctional Center.  He suffers a multitude of debilitating conditions, including kidney failure due to diabetes, and is seeking compassionate release so that he can get the treatment he needs, though his recent petition through the Joe Coleman Act was denied. 

In addition to MAMAS, Christina works with a number of organizations throughout Chicago to get justice for Johnny, and for all those tortured and wrongfully convicted. She has a full heart and an unwavering commitment to address the inhumane treatment in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Describing herself as determined, Christina shared, “Don’t give up if you first don’t succeed. Fight harder! And, it’s ok to ask for help- don’t try to be Super Woman.”

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With the MAMAS- I know that I'm not alone; I know that we're looking out for each other. Knowing we all have the same cause and that we're supporting each other- the more that we’re together, the stronger we are.
Christina Borizov

You can take action by calling 312-814-2121 & 217-782-6830 and urging the Governor to grant Johnny Borizov medical clemency or by making a donation.

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