April is a passionate MAMA born in Louisiana, who made her way to Chicago because of her mother.  April’s family and friends would describe her as trustworthy, honest, always working, quiet, and passionate.  Her children are a prime motivator for her work ethic, and much of her time is spent fighting injustice for her son, Mickiael Ward. 

Mickiael Ward is a survivor of Chicago police torture who was charged with first degree murder in the 2013 death of Hadiya Pendleton. In a highly politicized case, Mickiael was painted by prosecutors and the Obamas as the face of Chicago’s gun violence- yet evidence shows the use of psychological torture to coerce his false confession, and he maintains his innocence. In Spring 2023, the IL Appellate court called for Micheail to have a new trial- but the State's Attorney's office sent his case to the Supreme Court, further & indefinitely delaying the justice that Micheail and his mother had dared to hope was perhaps finally within reach. 

April has always been a hard worker and committed to what she starts; fighting to secure her son’s freedom is no exception. April draws strength and inspiration from her mother, grandmother, & sisters, and from knowing that she often succeeds in what she sets out to do.  Today, April works for the City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation. When she does have spare time, she likes to read, go bowling, and spend time outdoors.

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I never thought of myself as being an activist- It wasn’t something I ever thought about or wanted to do. But to be able to do it, and around other people doing it, is awesome. I love fighting and getting out there and chanting and working to put the right to the wrong. It’s a hard battle and sometimes I want to give up and then I’m like, No- there are people out there without family; someone has to be out there fighting.
April Ward

You can take action & show support for April when Micheail’s case goes back to court, urging the State’s Attorney to drop the charges against him, or by making a donation.

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