Our Staff

Our team is composed of mothers and caregivers of color and allies committed to uplifting the leadership, visions, wisdom, and strategies of mothers and caregivers who have been targeted by state violence. Our role is to facilitate a process that expands the capacity of targeted mothers and caregivers to lead their own movements while growing their resources and the tools they need to care for one another while working on the frontlines of building a life-affirming world rooted in love and liberation for all.

Our board brings together feminist and queer activists, scholars, lawyers, and community leaders who are primarily rooted in Chicagoland's poc communities and working in the area of abolition, migrant justice, and the decolonization of indigenous lands. Most have long histories advocating for justice across the city of Chicago and share a commitment to challenging the invisibility of mothers and caregivers in Chicagoland's social movements. They have extended experience integrate practices of healing, relationship building, and community accountability into social movements and research and teaching about gender and racial justice.

Director, Women's Center (NU) and Board member Chicago Abortion Fund
Author, Rightlessness and Walls, Bans, and Raids
Founder and former ED, Southwest Youth Collaborative
People's Law Office and Co-founder, Chicago Torture Justice Memorial
Founder and Director, Black on Both Sides

MAMAS interns include primarily young feminist of color scholars and activists committed to learning about how to apply research skills to the needs and goals of reproductive justice and abolitionist social movements. They are primarily college students who are committed to applying their education in the area of feminist of color and decolonial feminist studies to supporting the needs and visions of mothers targeted by state violence. MAMAS' internship program provides interns with experience in building relationships based upon trust, mutual accountability, and respect with mothers struggling to survive and thrive in order to partner towards collective liberation for all women and queers facing the violence of racism, militarism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. It also provides MAMAS members with the opportunity to build intergenerational relationships and gain support from and solidarity with young feminist scholars and activists living in Chicagoland.

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