Denice is a go-getter born and raised in Chicago, IL.  Affectionately known as “Mama D-Nice”, her family and friends would describe her as resilient because there are many hardships she has had to overcome. Knowing how far she has come keeps her motivated.

Denice is the mother of Matthew Echevarria, who was framed by Chicago Police in 1999. Matthew was wrongfully convicted at the age of 17 after being racially profiled and psychologically tortured by CPD officers for a crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to 50 years and is currently incarcerated at Western Correctional Center, where he continues to maintain his innocence and fight for his freedom.

An active member of both MAMAS & Innocent Demand Justice, Denice is passionate about women’s rights and working alongside some of the fiercest mamas and papas in the MAMAS collective.

When she is not fighting for justice, Denise loves fishing, riding motorcycles, and cooking with her husband, who is her best friend.

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"Until I got involved with IDJ and the MAMAS, I didn’t realize I had a voice. I just thought I was out on an island by myself. Now, knowing that there are other people that know my pain, that we share that love, unconditional love, it helps you get up and do more. It helps you say, 'Okay, I’m gonna go fight today.'"
Denice Bronis

You can learn more about Matthew’s case and how you can help at or by making a donation.

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