We believe that mothering is an incredibly potent force for transforming oppressive conditions into radical love and liberation.

In a world that relies on prisons, colonization, and war to further empire building and global capitalism, we declare that mothers are not only the nurturers of life but also the architects of transformation.

We stand on the precipice of a new era, one where the force of radical mothering emerges as a powerful catalyst for dismantling oppressive systems and building a life affirming world rooted in radical love and justice. 

Mothers laboring in the face of state violence, hold within them the wisdom, agency, and determination to reshape our movements and communities. As we harness the collective strength of mother-survivors, we envision a future where the chains of prisons, misappropriation, displacement of colonization, and the tragedies of war are but echoes of a past we’ve persevered through.

Our mission is not just a dream, but an urgent and radical call to action. Together, we will rise with the power of radical mothering to nurture our collective power and uproot injustice intergenerationally, for all of our communities, and for the abundant world we have been striving for.

"In the face of oppression, mothers bring forth life and resistance, birthing not only babies but also ideas, movements, and a vision for a more just world."
Revolutionary Mothering
Love on the Front Lines

Radical Mothering

We praise radical mothering at the core of our work because we recognize the transformative potential of mothering love in activism.

Insist to Resist

We insist that mama-warriors lead the way at the forefront of movements. And we resist any system who tokenizes or devalues them.

Synergy Through Solidarity

We move in connection with all those fighting against oppressive systems, especially BIPOC communities.

Empowered Mamas

We uplift mother survivors reclaiming their space within movements beyond just a seat at the table.

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