MAMAS mobilizes the embodied knowledge and experience of mother-survivors to build and grow our capacity for collective care and resistance.

We provide the structure, community, and political tools needed for community healing and radical organizing. Our work includes storytelling as a strategy to further our campaigns; ensuring the presence, recognition, and leadership of mothers in movement spaces; and providing spaces and frameworks for healing our hearts, growing our political consciousness, and expanding our work with each other and in coalition.

Our Focus

We integrate the voices and strategies of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who are mothers and caregivers into social movements, media debates, and policy processes related to prison abolition, migrant justice, and the decolonization of indigenous lands. We believe that this integration is vital to dismantling oppressive systems and building just and loving societies.

Our Mission is fueled by

Cultivating spaces for collective healing and mutual support among mother-survivors of state violence.
Activating the potent voices and analytical brilliance of mother-survivors.
Fostering  the vital resources required for mother-survivors to fiercely engage in movements, media, and policy.
Forging and engaging in public platforms where mother-survivors can seamlessly integrate their voices and strategies into movements, media, and policy discussions.

Our most active collective, “Mothers of The Kidnapped,” campaigns to free their children who are incarcerated as a result of police violence, torture, and frame-ups, while healing and organizing together.

We Recognize

We recognize that mothers serve as the visionary architects of societal transformation, weaving threads of love, compassion, and activism into a tapestry of revolution that spans generations.

We Fight

We fight with and for mother-survivors, those who have borne the brunt of systemic oppression and violence, refusing to be silenced.

We Challange

We challenge the U.S.’ scapegoating of mothers of color for problems like “crime,” poverty, and border crossings that were produced out of U.S. histories of enslavement, colonization, global capitalism, and war and we reject heteropatriarchy in all areas of life that dehumanizes, exploits, and devalues the labor of mothering.

We Rally

We rally for those who have been incarcerated and the mothers who love them, for those who battle the relentless forces of colonialism and settler-colonial violence, for undocumented survivors fighting deportation and the criminalization of migrants. It is these resilient souls MAMAS nurture and fight for, embracing their struggle as our own. Building on the rich history of Feminist of color Abolitionist, Reproductive Justice, and Healing Justice movements, we ignite radical transformation, weaving bonds of mutual aid and unity among mama-warriors who have often been pushed to the fringes of our communities and movements.
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