Erica Bentley came to MAMAS by way of organizing to free incarcerated survivors of police torture.  Her past work has included food access, environmental justice and sustainable urban farming in Austin, TX, as well as books to prisoners & inside-outside book club programs.  Alongside her role at MAMAS, Erica is on the board of Prison Yoga Chicago, facilitates a weekly yoga & discussion group in Cook Co Jail Div 11, and organizes to improve living conditions and uplift the voices of her community members inside. She has an extensive background in service, as well as in counseling and therapeutic application of yoga, particularly around processing trauma.  As a yoga practitioner, a person in ongoing addiction recovery, and an abolitionist, she holds dearly and fiercely a vision of a world in which all people have the opportunity to feel valued and whole.  Erica’s ideologies are deeply rooted in collective liberation and informed by ongoing study and relationship-building based in the work of radical feminists of color, including reproductive, transformative & healing justice practitioners and teachers.

Working for MAMAS is a dream come true for Erica, as she is able to blend & build upon multiple skill sets, ideas and passions, and given the incredible honor of being in meaningful relationship with each of MAMAS’ members.

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