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MAMAS in the Media

MAMAs trains mama-survivors of state violence to public op-eds and participate in media and policy processes. Our collective members publish OpEDS and speak at press conferences like these as part of our work together.

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Caregivers on the front lines of Chicago’s abolitionist movement

By: Makaelah Walters,

published on Prism Reports


Some Youth Don’t Get to Go Back to School Because They’re Stuck Behind Bars

By: Frank Ornelas,

published on Truthout


MAMAS speak out on Roe v. Wade: ‘We need to couple the fight for Roe v. Wade with multiple fights at the same time’

By: Darcel Rockett,

published on Chicago Tribune


Let’s Work for Global, Anti-Imperialist Reproductive Justice This Mother’s Day

By: Nadine Naber & Souzan Naser,

published on Truthout

Chicago Foundation for Women 2022 Impact Awards celebrate Bertha Escamilla with the Founder's Award

published on Chicago Foundation for Women


It's Christmas And My Son Is Dying In Stateville Correctional Center.

By Christina Borizov, published on Visible Magazine


Here's Something We Can Do To Stop Police Abuse In Our Communities

By Bertha Escamilla, published on Visible Magazine


We Must Commit Ourselves to Long-Term Solidarity With Palestinian Liberation

By Nadine Naber, published on Truthout


Settler colonialism is a reproductive justice issue

By Souzan Naser, published on Mondoweiss


My Child Is Incarcerated. One Second in This Unjust System Is Too Much.

By Esther Hernández, published on Truthout


Parents, advocates urge Pritzker to release inmates as prison coronavirus cases skyrocket

By Carlos Ballesteros, published on Chicago Sun-Times


Let’s Celebrate Mothers Who Are Fighting to Set Their Loved Ones Free

By Nadine NaberSouzan Naser & Johnaé Strong, Published on Truthout

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"I Demand' Press Conference Video

By MAMAS, Published on our website.

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Gov. Pritzker is failing imprisoned people in Illinois

By April Ward, Published on



Vaccines Aren’t Enough to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Prisons

By Nadine Naber, Published on

Ms. Magazine


Mothers Are Pushing to Free Their Children From Prison During COVID

By Janaé Bonsu, Published on



Mothers of Victims of Police Don’t Want Your Pity. They Want Solidarity—and Justice.

By Nadine Naber, Published on

Ms. Magazine


Parents, advocates urge Pritzker to release inmates as prison coronavirus cases skyrocket

By Carlos Ballesteros, Published on Chicago Sun Times


Racism of Policing Resulted in the Torture and 18-Year Incarceration of My Son

By Rosemary Cade, Published on Truthout

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Our Blog Post On Radical Mothering

By Nadine Naber, Souzan Naser, and Johnaé Strong, Published on Abolition Journal


With My Child Incarcerated During a Pandemic, I Spend Mother’s Day in Fear

By Regina Russell, Published on Truthout

coronavirus prisons still frame grab chy

Commentary: Concern for Illinois inmates exposed to coronavirus

By Armanda Shackleford, Published on The State Journal-Register

COVID-19 and the Crisis of Death by Incarceration

Organized by Parole Illinois, Mamas Activating Movements for Abolitions and Solidarity (MAMAS), Chicago Votes, Chicago Torture Justice Center


Virtual Press Conference: Prison Is The Pandemic

Organized by Join Parole Illinois, Mothers Activating A Movement for Abolition and Solidarity (MAMAS), American Friends Service Committee–Chicago and LIV3.

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